TEFL-Certified English for Spanish Speakers


Kate DanaI am a TEFL-certified, international educator, currently transitioning from teaching to independent writing with a specialization in web content and white paper production. When I’m not blogging or creating articles, I’m helping business professionals learn valuable skills and strategies to communicate with clients and customers as part of their positions within multinational corporations.

Check out my feature in the June 2017 issue of Secondary Accents, the newsletter of the Secondary Schools Interest Section for TESOL International Association.

About me: I am a international educator with a passion for communications and training, plus several years of experience living abroad. Read more…

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Kate Dana…allowed students to perform at their best. Her positive, warm personality gave the students confidence… her responsible attitude was reflected in her efforts to find ways for each student to be successful.”- K. G. Dewar, Languages Coordinator, British American School, Puerto Vallarta, MX