“Kate made it easy for me to learn English, I felt confident”
– Joaquin, Private Student, Tlaquepaque México 


Volunteering – With WorldTeach Colombia 2014, I worked teaching English to 4th and 5th grade students at Colegio Distriál Hogar Mariano, a public school in Barrio Cevillar. Our core curriculum included greetings, expressions, count/non-count, verb tenses, vocabulary building, grammar and pronunciation.


With some of my 5th graders on their “graduation” day


Practicum – During my Practicum with WorldTeach Colombia 2014, I demonstrated teaching skills acquired from experience as well as from presentations and lectures during orientation, and also received feedback from support staff and peers. For my three-part Practicum, I worked at Colegio Colsubsudio Chicalá in Bogotá teaching primary-level students (average ages 8 to 10 years) vocabulary, reading and writing, with a focus on grammar and pronunciation.


Calling on students at Colegio Colsubsudio Chicalá in Bogotá


During my teacher training with ITTO in November 2012, I taught English at imac inglés total in Guadalajara, Jalisco. One favorite training session was a 2-hour Saturday class, part of the required Peer Observation.

Count and Non-Count class

Happy students, happy teacher: learning Count and Non-Count verbs

Co-Teaching –  I worked with a colleague from ITTO teaching count and non-count nouns and introducing vocabulary with a level 2-B Saturday class. Activities included class pair work and a group assignment of creating a dinner menu based on a shopping list. The students enjoyed the interaction and learning information for everyday use.

Holly and Kate teaching

Teaching Saturday class with Holly, an ITTO colleague