TEFL-Certified English for Spanish Speakers



An international educator with five years’ experience living and teaching abroad, I offered English classes online and in person from 2014- 2018. I am currently not offering classes, but please view my Resources page if you need help now. Many of the resources listed are free!

Kate Dana…allowed students to perform at their best. Her positive, warm personality gave the students confidence… her responsible attitude was reflected in her efforts to find ways for each student to be successful.”

– K. G. Dewar, Languages Coordinator, British American School, Puerto Vallarta, Mexico 2012


A five-year veteran of teaching abroad, I have the practical wisdom and learned knowledge of international education completely gained from experience.

It is my pleasure to share this information with anyone interested in moving and teaching abroad, especially with a volunteer program. Consulting service costs vary by the situation. Please send an inquiry, including details, using this contact form.

“The decision to change your life, to leave everything that is familiar and move to a new country can be scary. Kate Dana gave me the confidence to believe in myself and take that giant leap towards a new life. Her firsthand knowledge and experience proved to be an invaluable resource to answer all of those questions about day to day life that other online resources glossed over.

– K. Borden, Sacramento, CA 2017