TEFL-Certified English for Spanish Speakers


Barranquilla is the city where I began my career in Colombia as an international educator in 2014. After relocating to Cartagena de Indias for two years, I returned to Barranquilla, where I currently help business professionals learn valuable skills and strategies to communicate with clients and customers as part of their positions within multinational corporations.


A Business English lesson begins in Barranquilla

In 2014, I worked as a volunteer with WorldTeach Colombia 2014 at El Colegio Distrital Hogar Mariano in Barranquilla, teaching English to 4th and 5th grade classes. With an average of 38 students per class, I met each week with approximately 350 students whose core curriculum included greetings and expressions, verb tenses, vocabulary building, grammar and pronunciation. I was required to create lesson plans, develop quizzes and exams, and generate measurable results for assessment of student progression.

Native Spanish speaking students were enthusiastic about learning a foreign language and gaining the knowledge to clearly communicate in English. As an added bonus, I improved my Spanish with the help my students, the school staff and its director, Hermana Martha Velázquez López.


With English teacher Maria Carillo and several 5th grade students. April 2014

Bilingual Bloglingual logo

In addition to teaching 4th and 5th grade English, I also presented the workshop Bilingual Bloglingual: Using a Blog to Promote Bilingual Learning in the Primary Classroom as part of the 6th Annual Bilingual Week, October 27-31, 2014, sponsored by the Alcaldía de Barranquilla and the Secretaría de Educación.

View the presentation here (requires adobe .pdf reader)